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Zinc Galvanized
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11 Aug 2020
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Galvanized Zinc 0.2mm x 90cm x 44m

Galvanization is the process of providing a protective zinc coating for iron and steel which aims to protect it from rust.

Galvanization is generally carried out by the hot dip method where steel is dipped in molten zinc.

Although galvanization can be carried out by electrochemical and electrodeposition processes, the most commonly used method today is hot-dip galvanization, the steel material is immersed in a molten zinc bath. While here are more well-known two basic techniques in anti-rust coating on iron, namely Galvanized or Galvanized or Galvalume. The finishing Galvalum consists of: 55% of the coating element is aluminum, 43.5% is the zinc / zinc element and 1.5% is the silicon element. The second technique is called Zincalume. The coating zincalume consists of: 98% of the coating element is zinc / zinc and 2% is the aluminum element. Zincalume is often used for coating iron or mild steel with a weight of less than 5kg per bundle.

In plain view what is the difference between galvanized and zincalume? Galvanized can be identified by the color that is silver or bronze but not shiny or matte. This color is also called dull silver. While zincalume because of its high zinc content, it will be shiny silver or glossy silver. Although of course the level of gloss is still below stainless steel.

Galvanized has various thickness levels. Starting from 1 micron (thousandth of a millimeter) to 9 microns or more. For a thickness of 1 micron, manufacturers usually provide a guarantee of 3 years anti-rust (3years rustfree) and for a thickness of 7 microns, manufacturers can guarantee up to 30 years. Galvanizing process is there are two kinds. First is electro-plating or UCP Galvanized. This process is by giving electricity in a galvanized pool. So that the galvanized particles stick to the iron to the desired thickness.

The second process is hot-dip galvanized, which is by dipping the iron into a hot galvanized pool. The more often the dyed the thicker the galvanized layer. In addition to metal coating, for the anti-rust process it is also known as zinc chromate paint. Zincromat paint is used in the shipbuilding industry and in contact with water. Zincromat Resistance with 2 applications can be up to 2 years.

PT SAUDARA ABADI SELARAS MAKMUR sells various sizes of galvanized zinc.


Galvanized Zinc
90cm tall
44 meters long
0.2mm thick
46kg weight

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