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Zinc Alume
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21 Oct 2020
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Seng Galvalum Coil (0.25mm x 120cm x 50m)

Galvalume roofing zinc is high quality steel that is light and thin, but its strength is not inferior to conventional steel. There are several types of mild steel grouped based on the value of tensile strength (tensile strength).

Tensile stress capability is generally based on the final function of the mild steel.

Zinc roof is produced with thin sheets so that it is lightweight so that it is easy to use and install. Zinc can also be said to be a fairly long roofing material. Quite resistant to corrosion especially if the zinc used is painted first.

Galvalume zinc is a coated steel between aluminum and zinc. With its characteristic galvalume plate is very suitable to be applied as an outdoor roofing material, gutters, fences and other needs including large buildings or residences.

Galvalume is an iron-based material with a layer of aluminum and zinc. Because it is made from iron, galvalume is very suitable to be used as structural material, especially as a sturdy and strong roof truss.

Galvalume zinc plate has several advantages compared to other materials including

1. Rust resistant. Iron-based material has one disadvantage, rust. But with aluminum and zinc coating on galvalume this type of iron can be rust resistant

2. Anti-termite. Termites are the no.1 enemy of wood. It has often been the case of roof collapse due to the roof truss of termites. This will not happen if your roof truss uses galvalum material.

3. Do not spread the fire

Unlike wood which if exposed to fire will turn into charcoal (destroyed), galvalum has the property to be more resistant to fire so as to minimize the risk of collapse due to fire.

4. Hold all conditions

Unlike wood in general, which is more easily damaged if the environment is too humid. Galvalum is able to withstand weather changes and humid environments.


Galvalum prices are cheaper than wood, hollow iron, and steel.

We are ready to meet your needs both for your personal use, project work or for your resale because of our adequate stock even in large quantities

We also always try to respond quickly and prepare and send these items immediately, because we are aware (especially for project needs) that the material and workmanship are being pursued by deadlines.

For the latest price information you can contact our customer service, you can also ask for shipping costs and availability of goods. We will try to respond quickly and send the items you want immediately.


Carpet size
0.25mm thick
120cm high
50m long
Weight 76 kg


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