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Welding Electrode
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Wire Las KOBE NC-39L AWS E309L-16 / JIS D309L-16 (2.6mm / KG)


Most ordinary people who do not have a deep knowledge of the world of welding think that there is only one welding wire. Not many people know that there are actually various types of welding wires used to do welding for different types of material.

The difference that exists between various types of electric welding wires or often also called electrodes lies in various things including the amount of electric current to be used in the welding process. Different materials require different amounts of electric current to provide the most suitable welding results, according to existing needs.

Welding wire or often referred to as an electrode is a material used to conduct electrical welding that functions as a burner that will cause a flame. As an important part of the welding process, the user must understand the use of each type of electrode.

Welding wires are also divided based on welding applications. For example welding wires for sugar mills, cast iron or cast iron, stainless steel or stainless steel, hard surfacing, aluminum, copper, yellow, argon welding wire, cutting, gouging or cutting welding, cutting knives, drilling, lathe scraping or punching and Dies. Welding wires for palm oil mills, sugar mills, plastic factories, and other factories.

We only sell Kobe brand welding wires. There are many types of Kobe welding wire that we sell. It is normal for common types that people use, we are ready stock, but if a special type usually has to order about 1 week in advance.

Therefore, please ask for stock first if you want to order.


Kobe steel brand
Type NC-39L (2.6mm/20KG)

1 pack = 5 kg
1 box = 20 kg

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