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ROOFING BOLT 12x70 (2500 pcs)


Ruping The roof or often called a mild steel roof screw that is of good quality so that it is resistant to rust and corrosion. Often called a self drilling screw, that is, its use is directly installed using a drilling machine, without perforating the media to be coupled so that it speeds up work.

We provide various types of roof bolts or roofing bolts that you can use to meet all project needs. Roofing screw or roofing screw which is often called Galvalum Bolt or SDS Bolt is one of the fasteners that are often used for project needs. Starting from for use juxtaposed with wood, iron and aluminum.

Its usefulness is usually for light steel and roof mounting. Mild steel bolts are available in various lengths as needed. Roofing bolts are also covered with rubber so they don't leak when installing the roof.

This type of bolt is used for roof mounting which certainly requires a different size and type of bolt. Basically roofing screws are grouped into bolts that are used for zinc roofing or so-called fine roofing screws and rough roofing screws that are used to be juxtaposed with wood. The difference between these two types of roofing bolts in addition to being seen from the dratnya is the ends of the roofing body of the drat screw shaped like a drill bit and equipped with a rubber ring while the end of the body roofing screw drat coarse-shaped tapping (tapping) without a rubber ring.

We provide a variety of sizes that can be selected based on the needs of the tile and also the buffer of the roof tile.Sell the type of roofing bolt that has a variety of choices can certainly be the right choice for you to get the right and appropriate bolt specifications so that you can get the results of project development the best and maintain the security level of your project. The thing that distinguishes between roofing bolts and other construction bolts is that this roofing bolt is equipped with rubber, which later serves to hold rainwater from leaking and enter through small holes around the bolt.


12 x 70 Roofing Bolts (2500Pcs)

Fill 2500 Pcs / Box
Size 12 x 70 / 3cm

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